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Learning Disabilities

LD Lasts a LifetimeWhat Kind Of Career?

The key to a successful career is finding the right resources—human or manufactured—in whatever field a person chooses. If an adult with LD wants to go into business, for example, he or she may need a partner to handle some aspects of it.

After several years of working at the park, Hank wanted to start his own yard-service business. By now he knew his strengths. Because he still loved outside work, no matter what the weather, he was willing to work hard and put in the hours needed. He also knew he had weaknesses, and knowing how to run a business was one of them.

With the help of his family, he became partners with Rosa, a young woman with a business background. Rosa handled the paperwork, ordered supplies, and made hun dreds of telephone calls. Together they worked out esti mates for customers. Soon they had several other people working for them.

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