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Have you ever wondered how thunderstorms develop? Or how gravity works? From basic concepts to complex scientific theories, the JRank Science & Philosophy website has the answers. We sought out the best information to answer common questions about science and how things work, and compiled it together to create a thorough and comprehensive reference resource for science.

The thousands of pages in this website cover all branches of sciences, including physics, biology, chemistry, and many others. Throughout the website you'll also find information about concepts like democracy and science in ancient Greece. And, like any good scientific encyclopedia, this website also covers animals, astronomy, plants, chemical elements, historical scientific breakthroughs, scientific and technical equipment, and much more.

Whatever your scientific question, enter a query below and start finding the answers!

New! Be sure to visit Science for Kids - a new online science encyclopedia for learners of all ages but especially designed for students in grades 3 through 8.