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Learning Disabilities

LD Lasts a LifetimeGetting Career Help

Everyone has things they do best. If you have a learning disability, you must build on your strengths. If you tend to be creative, for example, you may make an excellent photographer or artist, or work onstage or off in drama productions. Whereas some people with LD have trouble getting along socially, others are “people persons” who excel in jobs where they deal with the public, as long as little reading and writing are required.

Finding a career counselor is a good first step. This person can be a high school counselor or can be found through a public agency or private company. A career counselor can help you to get the career education that you need. A career education will teach you the skills you need to live on your own, cope with daily problems, and get a job.

To make the leap from a job to a lifetime career, you may need more training after high school. A counselor can help you find the right college or training program. Although all colleges must provide some accommodations for the learning disabled, a growing number specialize in helping and supporting those with LD. The counselor can also help you find a career area that builds on your strengths and gets around your weaknesses.

Because Hank liked to be outside, his counselor sug gested that he apply for an opening as a lawn mainte nance worker in a nearby state park. For the first time, Hank became excited about a job.

The counselor told him, “Hank, you say you really want this job. To keep it, you'll have to remember to take your tools, and whatever else you'll need for the day, to work. You'll also have to stay focused on the work you're doing and what the boss tells you to do. I'll talk to the boss about your problem understanding directions, but you have to listen and then repeat what you think he said. You can't just shrug and do your own thing.”

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