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Learning Disabilities

Who Has a Learning DisabilityAssessment

The word “assessment” means “testing” or “evaluation.” If your doctor wants to assess if you are overweight, she will measure your height and weight, compare the two, look at your bone structure, and measure the amount of your weight that is body fat. Then she can assess whether or not she thinks you are overweight.

Assessment for LD is also done by giving a series of tests and comparing the results. Some of the tests are formal ones in which questions are read and the answers given are recorded in a standardized way. Your results are compared against the results of many others who have taken that test.

Other tests are casual, informal assessments. A specialist watches and makes notes about how you do certain tasks. One task might be to read a story and answer questions about it. Notes made would include how long you took to read the story, what answers you gave to questions asked, and if you could find the correct answers to the questions you missed during a second reading.

Some of the areas commonly assessed include intelligence/thinking, reading, hearing, vision, math, writing, coordination and physical skills, social skills, and career skills (for older students).

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