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Learning Disabilities - After the Assessment - Help!, Program Placement, Feelings Matter In Program Choice, Special Services, What About A Tutor? - Gifted and LD

Rafael, Sam, and Kris are in the tenth grade. Assessments for LD show that all three need help with reading and writing. Rafael reads at a sixth-grade level. He understands most of what he reads, but he has trouble reading big words with lots of syllables. He likes to write on a computer, and with the help of a spell-checker, his teacher reports that he does well. Sam reads at a fourth-grade level…

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Learning Disabilities - Friends and Feelings - Getting Along With Others, Frustration Is Frustrating, School And Community Can Help

N o matter how hard he tried, Frank couldn't seem to make friends. He went out of his way to ask other guys at school about a test or sports, but they soon moved away when he started talking to them. “What am I doing wrong?” he asked his counselor. “I was watching you the other day, Frank, and I think you are having a hard time knowing when to talk and when to keep quie…

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Learning Disabilities - Introduction

“I hate the kids in my school, and I hate school, too,” said Ray. He slammed his books on the kitchen table. “Tell me about it,” said his mom as she handed him a soda. “It's the same old thing. Some of the kids call me names like ‘Retard’ or ‘Stupid,’ and my teacher says if I just tried harder I could learn. But I DO try. I just…

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