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Learning Disabilities

LD Lasts a LifetimeHelp And Hope

Living with a learning disability is not easy. Neither is living with someone who has a learning disability.

Fortunately there are some excellent books and materials that give practical advice to both teens with LD and their families. A number of on-line bulletin boards and Web pages can also provide information. You can find material on everything from ratings of reading programs to software for banking to kind words for soothing frustration. Some of these resources are listed in the back of the book in the section called Where to Go for Help.

Because there are so many differences in families and in each individual, suggestions that work in one situation or for one person may not work well in another. But you and your family should keep working and trying for a sense of harmony. Many people with LD have gone on to lead successful, productive, and fulfilling lives. It is possible, and you can do it.

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