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Learning Disabilities

What Is a Learning DisabilityTrouble With Schoolwork

A learning disability often first shows up in school as a problem with learning to read, write, or do math. A learning disability may also cause someone to have speech and language problems; be poorly coordinated; not have a sense of space, distance, or direction; or have trouble organizing time, tasks, and belongings. Problems like these may in turn lead to social and emotional problems, such as anger, frustration, and difficulty getting along with others.

Ben has a learning disability. Even though he was a smart little boy, in first grade he had trouble learning to read. Now in ninth grade, he still does not read well. What he writes is hard to read, with lots of words spelled wrong. Math seldom makes sense to him. His desk and backpack seem ready to explode with a mess of papers, pencils, and odd things he throws in and forgets to take out.

“Try harder, Ben,” his parents beg again and again.

Ben grits his teeth. “I hate school,” he says.

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