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Learning Disabilities

What Is a Learning DisabilityLearning Disability Doesn't Mean Lazy

Many people, even teachers, feel that a student who doesn't do well in school is lazy. “He (or she) seems smart. If only he would try harder,” they say. The truth is that a person with a learning disability may not be lazy at all. He may try very hard to do well in school.

Suppose you play baseball or softball. Let's say you are very good at fielding but have trouble hitting because your timing is off. No matter what you do, your swing is either too quick or a split second behind. You want to be a really great player, so you work hard at your hitting. Your coach tries to help. You are at the field every spare minute because you want to be as good at hitting as you are at fielding. No matter how many hours you work on batting, are you sure to get hits? You may…or you may not.

A learning disability is much the same. If you have good teachers and work hard, you may do well in school…or you may not. If you don't, it doesn't mean that you're lazy.

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