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The 'Gift' of DyslexiaFamous People With Dyslexia And Related Learning Problems, Get Testing, It's The LawAccept Yourself, Getting Help, Public Agencies

Many experts consider dyslexia a kind of gift. That's because dyslexics often see things in a different way than the average person sees them. Since they can't read well, dyslexics rely on reasoning skills more than other people do. They may look at a problem and find a solution that others miss. Their level of curiosity is often greater. They think in pictures instead of in words. They use all their senses to understand things. They have vivid imaginations. If you're dyslexic, you can harness these special talents and do great work.

Accept Yourself

Don't think about how fast others are progressing. Don't compare yourself to others who may win awards or get better grades. Just think about your own achievements. Remember that it is not your fault that your mind works differently. Above all, try not to become discouraged. Ask your teachers, parents, and friends for support.

Getting Help

A dyslexic is not a problem child: He or she is a child with a problem. Too often, we think that dyslexics are lazy, uncaring, and maybe even unintelligent. Our misunderstanding makes these people lose confidence in themselves and in their abilities. In this chapter you will learn about trained professionals who work with dyslexics, helping to clear up these hurtful misunderstandings and to unlock dyslexics’ potential.

Public Agencies

Dyslexics who are not students can also get help. Many government agencies provide assistance. If you are not in school, call one of these agencies. You can find their numbers in the telephone book. They include the State Department of Education, the State Developmental Disabilities Office, and the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

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