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The 'Gift' of DyslexiaGet Testing

Before anything else, you must find out if you are dyslexic. You can do that by taking a test. You can ask to be tested in school. Your teacher can tell you whom you should speak to about it. Or you can go to a private clinic in your town or city. Look in the yellow pages of your local telephone book. There may be clinics listed under Reading Improvement Instruction or Reading Clinics. If not, look in the back of this book under Where to Go for Help. Call one of the organizations listed and ask where the nearest clinic is. The type of people who are qualified to test for dyslexia include clinical and educational psychologists, school psychologists, learning disability specialists, and medical doctors with experience in diagnosing learning problems. If you are found to be dyslexic, you can start to get help immediately. If you're not dyslexic, ask the testing people where you should go for the reading help you need.

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