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Dyslexia - Caleb - The Trouble Begins, Things Get Worse, A New School, A Big Surprise

C aleb didn't like school very much. He hated most of his classes. English and social studies were the worst. They required lots of reading, and Caleb didn't like to read. He wasn't good at it. He also wasn't very good at math or science. The only class he really enjoyed was shop, where he made things with his hands. Shop was fun, and he was good at it. Best of all, it …

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Dyslexia - Coping with Dyslexia - Reading Pictures, Causing Trouble, Treatments For Dyslexia, Multisensory Treatment, Classroom Strategies, When Taking Notes - Memorizing, Using Others, Making Jokes

Dyslexics cope with their problems in different ways. Some ways are good, but others only mask the problem. These are sometimes called compulsive solutions. They may help a dyslexic for the moment, but they do not help in the long run. In fact, they often make the problems worse, in that people do not receive the support they need. Here are some compulsive solutions that many dyslexics rely on. Mi…

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Dyslexia - The 'Gift' of Dyslexia - Famous People With Dyslexia And Related Learning Problems, Get Testing, It's The Law - Accept Yourself, Getting Help, Public Agencies

Many experts consider dyslexia a kind of gift. That's because dyslexics often see things in a different way than the average person sees them. Since they can't read well, dyslexics rely on reasoning skills more than other people do. They may look at a problem and find a solution that others miss. Their level of curiosity is often greater. They think in pictures instead of in words. T…

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Dyslexia - Glossary

Drugs that relieve suffering from allergies by shrinking the blood vessels.

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Dyslexia - Introduction

One of the first things we learn as school children is how to read. Reading is a key that can unlock an unlimited number of doors. Storybooks invite us to visit imagined worlds. In magazines, we can read about fashion, politics, or music. Newspapers inform us of events happening across the globe or around the corner. Often without thinking about it, we rely on reading to manage our daily lives and…

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Dyslexia - What Is Dyslexia - Who Is Dyslexic?, What Causes Dyslexia?, Myths About Dyslexia, Forms Of Dyslexia, Are You Dyslexic:?

Dyslexia is a language and learning disability. The term was coined by Rudolf Berlin of Stuttgart, Germany, in 1887 to describe the inability to read. Dys means “difficult.” Lexia means “word” or “language.” Dyslexia is a condition that makes it hard for a person to read words and use language. There are many forms of dyslexia. You can have one or more for…

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