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Family MattersRealizing The Problem

Often, parents don't realize why a child can't read. In all other ways, the child may be normal. Everyone else in the family reads well. There are no problems at home. So why is the teacher saying there are problems in class?

You may feel like your parents blame you for your learning problems. If you're dyslexic, your parents may think you are not trying. That may be what your teacher has told them. Your parents become angry and they tell you to stop being lazy. They may even punish you.

Other parents feel guilty and blame themselves. They think they somehow caused the problem and feel frustrated because the problem won't go away. It becomes a vicious cycle of blame, guilt, and frustration.

Parents may blame the child and themselves if they don't realize that their child is dyslexic. They first have to recognize the real problem.

If you have a reading problem, your parents need to know why, and so do you. The first thing to do is to get tested. You and your parents can ask your school to arrange this.

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