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What Is DyslexiaMyths About Dyslexia

Even though we do not yet know exactly what causes dyslexia, we do know what it is not. It is not acting up, carelessness, or laziness. It is not an emotional problem. It is also not caused by poor eyesight and is not a sign of low intelligence. Below are some of the most common myths about dyslexia.

Myth: Dyslexia Is the Result of Poor Vision

As recently as the 1920s, experts thought that dyslexia might be caused by a problem with one's eyesight. Experts recommended eye training and strengthening, often with the use of eye patches. Although the cause of dyslexia is still unknown, most current research suggests that it is a language rather than a vision disorder.

Myth: More Boys Than Girls Are Dyslexic

Boys' reading disabilities are identified more often than girls', but studies indicate that this identification is biased. Research shows that dyslexia affects boys and girls equally Unfortunately, dyslexia is generally underdiagnosed, and even more so in the case of girls.

Myth: People Outgrow Dyslexia

Researchers who monitored dyslexics from first through twelfth grade found that the disability persists into adulthood. Even though many dyslexics learn to read accurately, they continue to read slowly and not always with the greatest of ease.

Myth: Dyslexics Are Not Smart

Intelligence is in no way related to dyslexia. There are scores of brilliant and accomplished dyslexics—among them the poet William Butler Yeats, General George Patton, the writer John Irving, and Wall Street investor Charles Schwab.

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