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  • A fear of open, public places and situations.
  • To relate one thing to another.
  • An action that one feels obligated to perform repeatedly.
  • The process through which one “unlearns” the association between anxiety and one's phobic object, activity, or situation.
  • An anxiety disorder in which one experiences chronic feelings of fear and worry.
  • Senseless, unreasonable.
  • An ancient practice that helps one to get in touch with one's inner self.
  • A persistent thought.
  • An anxiety disorder characterized by obsessions and compulsions.
  • An anxiety disorder that develops when one has had many panic attacks or fears having an attack and, as a result, the fear of an attack limits one's activity.
  • An intense fear of a specific object, situation, or activity.
  • A psychological state in which both body and mind let go of stress and tension.
  • A fear of being embarrassed or humiliated in front of other people.
  • A fear of a specific object or situation.
  • Unknown even to one's own mind.
  • The process by which one imagines certain events happening and the way in which one can successfully cope with them. Also called imagery.

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