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The Effects of Depressants

Physical Effects, Psychological Effects, Denial, CodependencyDEPRESSION

Brian was in love with Lee Ann even though they fought violently. Over the last year, their relationship had become very unsteady and abusive. Lee Ann started taking Valium because she had trouble sleeping.

When her prescription expired after a few weeks, she changed doctors and kept getting more Valium. Sometimes, she would fake a prescription. She often took the Valium with beer or wine. Brian wanted very much to help her. If she couldn't make it to school, he brought her the assignments and sometimes did them for her. If she needed money, he gave it to her. He even went to the pharmacy to refill her prescriptions.

Brian wanted Lee Ann to be happy, and she got really angry if he didn't help her when she felt sick. Brian was afraid Lee Ann would leave him if he didn't make her happy. His whole life began to revolve around Lee Ann and her problems.

Depressants affect the central nervous system and cause the body and brain to slow down. They depress normal body and brain functions. As soon as they enter the bloodstream, they lower blood pressure, and affect the heart and breathing activity. Because of their effects, an overdose (taking too much of a drug) or a combination of drugs and alcohol can be fatal.


Addicts are often depressed and ashamed of their addiction. Addicts have lost control over their lives. They cannot stop abusing drugs and often cannot even admit that they have a problem. They may also be afraid to stop because the withdrawal symptoms are so severe. This fear causes addicts to continue taking the drugs. They are caught in a terrible cycle of abuse, depression, and more abuse.

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