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Habitat And Population

Waterbucks have even less tolerance to dehydration than cattle. Therefore, they are usually found close to water in regions with ample rainfall.

Waterbucks prefer to eat the protein-rich grasses, herbs, and foliage found in valleys and areas where rain water drains. Waterbucks are found in the central and south-central African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and northern parts of South Africa.

In areas where the different subspecies of waterbuck overlap, many hybrid specimens have been seen. In a national park in Kenya the population density of waterbucks has been observed to reach as many as 250 animals per sq km while the average is 30 per sq km. These numbers are much higher than their typical density outside the refuge where they average about four animals per sq km. In areas where there is a good water supply, waterbucks tend to live in more dense populations.

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