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Organic Halide


The most chemically reactive of the organic halides are those that contain carbon atoms bonded to iodine atoms. Organoiodides are not used as extensively as organobromides or chlorides because they are expensive. Alkyl iodides react with metals such as lithium (Li) or mercury (Hg) to make useful chemicals in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and organic intermediates. The aryl iodide, thyroxin, is a thyroid hormone used to stimulate human metabolism. Erythrosin, or FD&C; Red No. 3, was used to add red color to maraschino cherries. This dye was removed from the market when researchers found that it caused cancer in laboratory animals.



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Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

—Compounds that contain both chlorine atoms and fluorine atoms bonded to carbon atoms.

Halide, organic

—An organic functional group that consists of a halogen atom bonded to a carbon atom.

Montreal Protocol

—An agreement initially between 24 nations to limit and eventually stop the production of ozonedepleting chlorofluorocarbons.


—A compound that contains a carbon atom bonded to a bromine atom (C-Br).


—A compound that contains a carbon atom bonded to a chlorine atom (C-Cl).


—A compound that contains a carbon atom bonded to a fluorine atom (C-F).


—A compound that contains an carbon atom bonded to a iodine atom (C-I).

Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)

—Compounds that consist of chains of carbon atoms bonded exclusively to fluorine atoms.

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