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Classification, Distribution, And Habitat

Grasshoppers belong to the insect order Orthoptera and the suborder Caelifera. The family Acrididae includes more than 8,000 species of grasshoppers and locusts distributed worldwide. Grasshoppers are found in almost all types of habitat including the tropics, temperate grassland, rainforest, desert, and mountains. If adverse conditions prevail, some species migrate in huge numbers to maximize survival. Grasshoppers feed on grass, leafy plants, and bushes. Some species eat only particular food plants, but most species broaden their food base following depletion of their preferred food.

Maintaining appropriate moisture content in the body is achieved primarily through food selection. All species of grasshopper consume both wet and dry food; however, a hydrated insect will choose leaves with low water content, while a dehydrated one selects leaves higher in moisture. Captive grasshoppers will drink water directly when food moisture drops below about 50%.

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