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Forestry And Its Broader Goals, Resource Values Managed In Forestry, Harvesting And Management, Silvicultural Systems And Management

Forestry is the science of harvesting, planting, and tending trees, within the broader context of the management of forested landscapes. Traditionally, forestry has focused on providing society with sustainable yields of economically important products, especially wood for the manufacturing of lumber or paper, or for the generation of energy. Increasingly, however, forestry must consider other, non-traditional goods and services provided by the forested landscape, such as populations of both hunted and non-hunted wildlife, recreational opportunities, aesthetics, and the management of landscapes to maintain clean air and water. Because not all of these values can always be accommodated in the same area, there are often conflicts between forestry and other uses of the landscape. However, the use of systems of integrated management can often allow an acceptable, working accommodation of forestry and other resource values to be achieved.

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