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Phobias - Glossary

A fear of open, public places and situations.

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Phobias - Introduction

What do you fear most, more than anything else? Perhaps you hate spiders, or you don't like heights. Maybe the thought of giving a class presentation makes you nervous. Everyone is afraid of something. These fears are all normal; lots of other people feel the same way that you do. But what if spiders scared you so much that you would not walk outside your home? What if you were so terrified…

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Phobias - What Causes a Phobia - Conditioning By Association, Conditioning By Avoidance, Expressing Unconscious Desires, Trauma, Many More Theories - Learning to Be Afraid

Because so many different kinds of phobias exist, it can seem as though they would have little in common. However, a fear of water, a fear of public speaking, and agoraphobia—as different as they appear—may have similar causes. Although the feared object, activity, or situation may change from one person to another, the underlying causes of the fear may actually be the same or very s…

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Phobias - When You Need Professional Treatment - Behavioral Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Other Types Of Therapy

L ately Allan had been really worried about germs. He hated to touch anything that someone else had just touched. He refused to use public restrooms or take the bus to school anymore. He would not eat in the cafeteria or at restaurants either, because other people had used the plates and glasses before him. His parents tried to be understanding. His mother drove him to school and picked him up aft…

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