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Diagnosis and Development of SchizophreniaSchizophrenia Subtypes

Not all people with schizophrenia have the same symptoms. In fact, people with this illness often have very different groups of symptoms. For that reason, schizophrenia is subdivided into types, based on particular clusters (groups) of symptoms that often appear together. There are five subtypes of schizophrenia.

Subtype Core Symptom(s)
1. Disorganized Type Confusion, disorganized speech, and blunted or inappropriate affect
2. Catatonic Type Catatonic behavior
3. Paranoid Type Organized system of delusions and auditory hallucinations that often guide a person's behaviors
4. Residual Type Symptoms of schizophrenia are lesser in intensity and number but are still present
5. Undifferentiated Type Describes those who do not fall neatly into any of the other categories

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