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Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness

Symptoms of Bipolar DisorderMania

Mania is a state of high, unnatural excitement. If you are in a manic phase, you tend to become hyperactive, overflowing with nonstop energy. Often, having so much energy can leave you feeling worried or anxious. Mania can also lead to panic attacks, during which you become immobilized (unable to take action) because you fear anything and everything. During a panic attack, even a simple choice, such as deciding to turn on the television, can cause you anxiety. In extreme cases, you might experience hallucinations or hear voices.

One day, Janice was going home on the bus. There was a lot of traffic, and the bus seemed to be taking forever. Janice started getting nervous as more and more people got on. Then everything around her went foggy. She suddenly felt over come by anxiety. Her heart was pounding, and she started sweating. The other passengers seemed to be closing in around her. The panic inside her was so great that she started to cry.

Sometimes a manic episode can make you obsessive. You may become overwhelmed with awful thoughts or desires. Other times, you might become compulsive and feel driven to do something—such as drink, smoke, or eat—by an inner force that seems stronger than your own will. This behavior can be dangerous, causing you to feel as if you have no control over yourself.

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