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Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness

Symptoms of Bipolar DisorderDepression Vs. Being A “typical” Teenager

Many of the symptoms of depression resemble the normal moods and feelings that adolescents experience. This is another reason why depression is hard to diagnose. As you grow and your body changes, the levels of hormones (chemicals in your brain and bloodstream) increase and sometimes set your body chemistry out of whack. These chemical imbalances can leave you feeling stressed out, sad, or extremely emotional. This is natural. For the most part, it is also usually temporary. However, if such feelings are very intense and keep lasting day after day, you might be depressed.

Roberto had always had times when, for no apparent reason, he felt sad. As a small child, his parents’ friends made remarks such as, “Roberto's such a serious boy!”

When Roberto became an adolescent, his dad was always telling him to “lighten up,” and his mother used to muss his hair in an irritating way and call him “Grumpy Face.” Roberto did not know what was wrong. Then, in his second year of high school, he started having days when he didn't feel like getting out of bed.

Roberto went to school and came home as usual, but he felt as if he were living under a dark cloud. Nothing meant anything. After weeks of feeling this way, he started wondering if this was more than just a phase. Maybe he was really depressed.

Teens often realize that they are depressed before their parents or teachers suspect any problems. If you pay attention to your feelings, you can play a big role in taking care of yourself. Ask yourself the following questions: How extreme are the bad moods I have been experiencing? How long have I been having them, and how are they interfering with my day-to-day life? If they have been going on for more than a couple of weeks and are making it hard for you to function, you should definitely speak to an adult whom you trust and who can help you.

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