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Epilepsy and Seizures

IntroductionWhat Are Seizures?

There are at least thirty different types of seizures. The types of seizures differ depending on what region of the brain they affect. A seizure can affect any of the senses or cause a part of the body to move by itself. It can also cause changes in behavior.

A seizure can be nothing more than a brief staring spell or the sudden occurrence of a strange sensation, such as an unusual smell or funny feeling. Other types of seizures can cause a person to fall to the ground as if he or she has fainted. Some types of seizures produce convulsions, during which the entire body becomes stiff and shakes uncontrollably, and the person salivates. These seizures can look frightening to someone who does not know what is happening. They are not painful, however, and people who experience this type of seizure do not remember it afterward. They only know what a seizure is like from what other people tell them.

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