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Learning Disabilities


  • Things that a student needs to be successful; for example, untimed tests and audiotaped books.
  • A person who helps parents and students get or improve the special services that must be provided by the school.
  • Testing of a student to determine if there is a need for special education services.
  • To use a strength to overcome a weakness, such as using a computer to write papers if a person has trouble with handwriting.
  • Schooling that takes place in the home, usually under the direction of a parent.
  • Educating a student with special needs in a general education classroom.
  • A disorder that causes a person of average or above average intelligence to have greater difficulty with reading, writing, math, listening, thinking, or talking.
  • Special classroom, usually within a school building, where students with special needs spend most of their day.
  • Services other than educational ones needed by a person who has been assessed as having a learning disability.

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