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Learning Disabilities

Friends and FeelingsGetting Along With Others, Frustration Is Frustrating, School And Community Can Help

N o matter how hard he tried, Frank couldn't seem to make friends. He went out of his way to ask other guys at school about a test or sports, but they soon moved away when he started talking to them.

“What am I doing wrong?” he asked his counselor.

“I was watching you the other day, Frank, and I think you are having a hard time knowing when to talk and when to keep quiet,” his counselor replied. “A con versation is like jumping rope. You have to know when and how to jump in. You also have to know when to stand back and listen. I saw you go up to a group of guys who were talking about the school dance. Instead of waiting for Shawn to finish what he was saying, you jumped in and asked Jack a loud question about his basketball game.”

“Well, you said that if I wanted to make friends, I had to ask people about things that interest them, and I know Jack likes basketball.”

“You had the right idea, but you picked the wrong time and the wrong way and the wrong place to ask the question.”

Frank shook his head. “I guess I see what you mean, but…” His voice trailed off. “But I don't, really.”

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