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Learning Disabilities

Who Has a Learning DisabilityDo I Have A Learning Disability?

In everything we do, we range from “Wow!” to “Ugh!” Like the baseball or softball player who is a good fielder, each of us has things at which we are very good. These are our strengths, our “Wows!”

Also like the ballplayer, we have things we cannot do very well, no matter how hard we try. These are our weaknesses or problem areas. They are our “Ughs!” Most often the “Ughs!” don't add up to a learning disability. Occasionally they do.

Right now you may be asking, “Do I have a learning disability?” Or you may be wondering if the problems a friend or sibling has mean that the person has LD. You may even wonder if a parent has a learning disability. Yes, even many older people go through life without understanding their learning problem. Recognizing LD is the first step in getting help for it.

The chart on the next page will help you decide if you or someone you know may have a learning disability

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