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Getting HelpDepression Is A Curable Illness

With the right therapy, as many as eight out of ten people can recover from their depression. More than half of those who begin therapy will see results within a month to six weeks.

Devon went through therapy for more than five weeks before she felt any change at all “My ther apist kept telling me to stick with it, but it was dif ficult. Then one day, I woke up and the fog that had been around my brain all these weeks seemed gone. I could think clearly. Suddenly, I was excited about going to school and about seeing other people. I still had many months of therapy ahead of me, and many hard times, but I'll never forget that day that I seemed to turn the corner.”

Devon knows that she could suffer from depression again in her life. An estimated 70 percent of patients who recover from depression relapse. But, like Devon, they know that it is treatable. There is hope.

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