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Getting HelpMaking Therapy Work

A doctor or therapist can only help depressed people get better. Patients must decide for themselves that they want to improve. Depressed persons must believe that recovery is possible, yet must admit that there are no guarantees and that effective treatment is different for everyone. People recovering from depression must learn to be able to recognize changes in their moods. Being aware of abrupt mood changes can signal a need to get help immediately.

Therapy works best when the whole family gets involved. If a depressed person feels that he or she is alone, it may make him or her feel worthless. When therapy continues for a long time, it may be easy to get discouraged.

Therapy can help a person change certain behaviors or ways of thinking. But the depressive is not the only one who may need to change. Other family members and close friends must look at their own behavior, too.

Drugs must be taken only as prescribed. This may mean regular medication for a number of weeks or months. If depression is chronic, however, the doctor may put the patient on an extended drug therapy program to fight the pattern of habitual depression. Some patients dislike being dependent on drugs to regulate their lives, but it is important that they understand what is prescribed and why it is prescribed.

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