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Getting HelpChoosing The Right Therapist

Recovery from depression is often assisted by an effective therapist. When faced with the difficult task of choosing a therapist, it helps to be guided by your own level of comfort. Choose a doctor whom you can trust.

  • Psychiatrists. These are licensed doctors who have completed medical school. They treat diseases of the mind and can prescribe medications.
  • Psychologists. These are mental health professionals who have gone through many years of training but are not licensed medical doctors. They cannot prescribe drugs. Like child psychiatrists, child psychologists specialize in treating children and teenagers.
  • Social workers. These trained professionals work with groups or families. They deal with a wide range of problems, from family violence to drug and alcohol abuse. When choosing a social worker for depression therapy, be sure he or she has experience in treating mental illness.

Good therapists are truthful about what will happen during therapy. They talk with the patient about the kind of therapy they will use, how the sessions will be run, and what to expect.

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