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When Depression Is in Your HomeHow To Deal With Depression

Even though a depressed person may not want to talk, it's important that he or she does talk. It might seem scary to approach a parent or sibling who is depressed, but communication is the key to getting the help he or she needs. If you can, talk first with another family member about your concerns.

  • Tell the person you care and that you are worried about him or her.
  • Talk honestly about how you feel.
  • Don't take it personally if the depressed person doesn't want to talk or gets angry with you.
  • Always be ready to listen whenever the depressed person is ready to talk.
  • Be supportive and show that you want to help. Provide information about depres sion and places to go for help.
  • If you aren't sure what to do—or if you can't talk with your parents—try to con fide in another adult you respect and trust, like a teacher, a guidance coun selor, or a relative.

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