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Managing Fear and Phobias on Your OwnVisualization

The mind is very powerful, and imagination is one of its most fascinating tools. Imagination is also very useful. Through visualization, you can use your imagination to help control your phobia. Visualization, also called imagery, is the process by which you imagine certain events happening and the way in which you can successfully deal with them. Visualization can help you to improve your performance, master a skill, and conquer a fear. Many successful athletes use visualization to enhance their performance.

To manage your phobia, use visualization to picture yourself dealing with and conquering your fear. For example, if you are afraid to speak up in class, imagine yourself raising your hand, giving your teacher the correct answer, and perhaps even going to the front of the classroom to demonstrate the problem. Practicing this scene repeatedly in your mind helps you to get used to it in a nonthreatening way; after all, it is only imaginary. It also gives you a chance to practice how you would deal with potential problems before they actually happen.


To practice visualization, follow these steps.

  • Find a quiet, private, comfortable place to practice.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Relax your muscles and empty your mind of thoughts and worries.
  • Take a moment to imagine how proud you will feel when you successfully handle your phobia.
  • Now imagine yourself in your phobic situation. Picture yourself handling the object or activity with comfort and confidence. Imagine yourself feeling calm, secure, and free of anxiety. Spend a few minutes focusing on this scene.
  • Imagine again how you would feel and act if you conquered your phobia. Picture yourself living your life without the fear and limitations of your phobia.

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