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Physical And Psychological Effects, Recognizing Signs Of Abuse, Ten Great Questions To Ask A Drug Counselor

After taking a dose of heroin, the user quickly feels the “rush” take hold of the body and brain. The drug often delivers an immediate sense of overpowering euphoria, which leads to a pleasant, dreamy state. Some people describe it as a kind of trance, while others say that it makes them feel like all of life's worries, anxieties, and stresses are suddenly gone.

The effects of heroin can vary greatly from one user to another. Despite heroin's reputation as one of the most alluringly pleasurable drugs, people can find it an unpleasant experience. For some, heroin may bring on disorientation and even hallucinations. Others find that the immediate unpleasant side effects of heroin, such as nausea, outweigh the enjoyable aspects.

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