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The Effects of Stimulants

Short-term Effects, Long-term Effects

Tymaine was a quiet, shy sophomore who had a crush on Tasha. He sat behind her in geometry class and found it hard to speak when she was around. His friend Anthony assured him that Tasha liked him and would say yes if Tymaine asked her out, but Tymaine was still hesitant He was convinced that Tasha would reject him. Tasha was so pretty and smart and Tymaine wondered what she could ever see in a guy like him.

“Come on, man. Just do it,” Anthony said at lunch.

“I don't know,” Tymaine answered.

Anthony reached into his backpack and pulled out some pills. “Take some of these,” he said. “You'll be able to talk to Tasha, no problem.”

Tymaine took the pills from Anthony and stuffed them in his pocket. Maybe Anthony's right, he thought. Maybe these will help me feel more confident around Tasha so I can ask her out.

When school let out, he swallowed the pills and found Tasha at her locker. “Hey Tasha,” Tymaine said, smiling. “You're looking good today.' He was finding it easier to talk to Tasha. He felt happier and more confident.

“Thank you,” Tasha answered. She looked surprised. Tymaine had always acted as if he didn't like her.

Tymaine kept talking a mile a minute and finally asked Tasha if she wanted to go to the movies on Saturday night. “We can go see that new movie that's out and even go to dinner beforehand and then …” he said. He was starting to sweat.

“Hold off,” Tasha broke in. “I have to ask my parents first.”

Tymaine became angry. “What? Why do you have to ask your parents? Just forget it. Forget it.” He slammed her locker door so hard that it bounced back and hit her in the face.

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