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Ten Great Questions To Ask A Drug Counselor

  1. What resources are offered by my school or community for adolescents with substance abuse problems?
  2. Some of my friends have told me that doing heroin once or twice is perfectly safe and that I should try it. What's the best way to let them know I'm not interested?
  3. I think that one of my friends is using heroin, but he won't admit that he has a problem. Who can I talk to about getting help for him?
  4. My friends think that my drug use is out of control, but I don't think I have a problem. How can I tell if I'm really addicted?
  5. I'm too ashamed to admit to my parents that I have a drug problem. How can I approach them?
  6. I'm recovering from a drug problem and I feel like I don't fit in at school anymore. How can I get back into my old routine?
  7. I'm recovering from a drug problem and I'm constantly tempted to return to using heroin. How can I avoid relapsing?
  8. I've used heroin in the past, and now I'm experiencing health problems. Could these have been caused by drug use?
  9. A friend of mine is recovering from a heroin problem. How can I help support her?
  10. I hurt a lot of people's feelings when I had a drug problem, and now they don't trust me. How can I repair our relationships?

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