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Laser Whitening Teeth

How to Select Laser Whitening Teeth Procedures

Individuals desiring teeth whitening should consider the laser whitening teeth process. The process is more effective than other processes and safer for most individuals. The process typically only requires one application and teeth become up to 10 shades whiter. Individuals, who drink excessive coffee and take medications, may experience deeper discolorations than most. Those individuals may require more than one application. Teeth laser whitening mechanisms have been proven effective by most dental professionals.

Teeth, as mentioned above, may become discolored due to coffee stains or medications. However, discoloration may also occur from tea, cigarettes, soft drinks, aging or even genetics. Some individuals may have a genetic predisposition towards whiter enamel. Disease may also play a factor in how discolored an individual’s teeth have become. Medical reasons for teeth discoloration should be addressed by a dental professional.

The dental professional will begin the laser whitening teeth process by first cleaning the teeth and removing any plaque buildup that may have accumulated above the gum line. Once the teeth are clean, the peroxide based whitening gel is prepared. The gel is placed on the teeth is translucent in color. The laser light is used to activate the ingredients in the whitening gel. As the gel crystals are activated, the enamel on the teeth is penetrated with the solution. Gradually, the teeth will lighten during the process. An average teeth laser whitening process usually takes an hour to complete.

Individuals with sensitive teeth may be concerned about the teeth whitening process. Individuals with sensitive teeth usually respond better to the laser tooth process than to the bleaching gel process. The laser gel seems to be less harsh and only requires one application. By contrast, bleaching comes in trays or via bleaching strips. The process requires several applications that may take 1 week to a month to achieve the desired whiteness. Bleaching also slightly stings the gums and teeth during the process. With laser teeth whitening, the results are immediate and less frequent. Individuals will immediately notice the results of your new professionally whitened smile.

The costs for laser whitening teeth gels are more expensive than bleaching solutions. However, the cost for this process reduces daily as technology improves. Many dentists are even offering promotional deals to attract patients to their practice. Individuals, who live in an area with a lot of competition, will also find more affordable pricing.

A typical laser teeth whitening procedure will cost between $300 and $2000. The cost varies depending upon the dental professional, the technology, the amount of whitening needed, and the type of teeth whitening system employed. Patients desiring teeth laser whitening procedures should research in their areas to find the best deals possible.

For a noticeably whiter smile and a more youthful appearance instantaneously, laser teeth whitening may be the system of choice. Although, the system is more expensive, the benefits of instantaneous white teeth are remarkable. Also, there are fewer effects of stinging and other sensations associated with home bleaching processes. Overall, teeth laser whitening procedures are preferable to bleaching procedures.

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