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Iqair Air Purifier

Treat Your Lungs with an IQAir Air Purifier

IQAir air purifiers are some of the most, if not the most, trusted and respected purifiers on the market. As incidents of allergies and asthma continue to rise each year, more and more people are looking for ways to improve the quality of the air they breathe to help relieve symptoms. The HEPA air filters used most every IQAir air purifier may play an important role in managing the general health of today’s people.

IQAir began in 1963 by the brothers Manfred and Klaus Hammes in Germany. Their first air purification system was composed of a filter that attached to coal oven vents with magnets. This was to prevent coal dust from soiling the walls behind the ovens. Manfred, being afflicted with asthma himself, noticed that shortly after using the filters in his own home, his asthma attacks were less frequent and not as severe. Soon, many other customers of the Hammes brothers would tell them similar stories of asthma and allergy relief from the air purifying filters.

Klaus, being a mechanical engineer, continued to adapt their vent filters throughout the 1970s and 1980s as new heating and cooling technology was introduced. Unfortunately, Manfred passed away of a heart attack in 1981. Klaus became obsessed with the company and relocated to Switzerland soon after. From Switzerland, Klaus expanded the company throughout Europe. Klaus’ son, Frank, soon joined the family business and began promoting new products, including air purifiers for Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

In 1994, under the direction of Frank, IQAir air purifiers were conceived by a team of German and Swiss engineers. After four years of research and testing, the first IQAir air purifier was born in 1998, dubbed the HealthPro Plus. Soon after, the European product testing company, Siftung Warentest, awards the IQAir air purifier as being the top performing system in the history of air purification. What made the HealthPro Plus different from most of the competition was its compact design that individuals could use in their homes, rather than inefficient clunky machines used commercially.

The IQAir air purifier came to the U.S. in the year 2000 where it became an instant hit among those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The next year, Klaus’ other son, Jens, joined the company and expanded into Asia.

IQAir air purifiers achieved another first in 2002 when the new HyperHEPA filters became the first home devices to receive H12/13 certification. Previously, only high-end systems used in scientific clean-rooms had received such a high level of certification. Since that time, IQAir air purifiers became in demand at many hospitals.

Two years after the IQAir air purifier certification, the American Lung Association selected the company to help educate the public about the importance of clean air, and the systems were given top ratings by leading consumer review magazines, such as Consumers Digest, Consumer Search, and Reviewboard Magazine. In the same year, an IQAir air purifier was used by the ABC television series, Extreme Makeover to create “America’s healthiest home.”

Today, IQAir air purifiers continue to be built in their Swiss factory, with the company being led by the new generation of brothers, Frank and Jens. They continue to research and test new air purification systems. Their newest product release was a line of central, whole-house systems, led by the Perfect 16 model. IQAir also turned their attention back to the needs of commercial purifiers, introducing a motorized HEPA filter called the CleanZone.

The top-selling IQAir air purifier continues to be their earliest model, the HealthPro Plus. It uses a combination of micro-particle filtration, granular activated carbon absorption, pelletized chemisorption, and HyperHEPA filtration. It has a list price of $939 US.

The next best-selling model is for the budget-minded allergy sufferer, the HealthPro. The Healthpro uses a three-stage filter system and lists at $839 US.

The third best-selling IQAir air purifier is the HealthPro compact. This system uses only a two-stage filter system and is best-used in small apartments. It lists at $789 US.

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