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Kettler Rowing Machine

The Kettler Rowing Machine -- Love it or Hate it?

The world has a love/hate relationship with the Kettler rowing machine. Many applaud the design and style, saying it is well worth the price, while others say there are better for less. Both camps have valid arguments and very few people sit in the middle. One facet of Kettler cannot be denied: they are a leading worldwide brand in fitness and sports equipment.

The story of the Kettler rowing machine begins with the foundation of the company in 1949. In this year, Heinz Kettler started a small trade manufacturing sporting goods in the small Germany town of Ense-Parsit. In the 60 years since then, Kettler has grown into a worldwide giant with over 2,000 employees. Their products are currently sold in 60 countries. The headquarters remains in Ense-Parsit. Kettler products were first sold in the United States almost 30 years ago and now the U.S. division in Virginia is responsible for distribution throughout the American continents. Most of the factories, including those manufacturing Kettler rowing machines, are still located in Germany. The “Made in Germany” mark is a source of pride for the company as they believe it is a symbol of quality.

Kettler’s rowing machine line currently consists of five models, although some older models can still be found available for sale by retailers.

• X-Row E3 – The X-Row E3 is the flagship Kettler rowing machine. It is designed for the professional athlete or trainer, but can be used for amateurs also. Some commercial gyms also use this model. It has a flywheel design and includes a wireless remote control on the oar. The on-board computer has 48 preset programs and can be custom programmed as well. The list price of the X-Row E3 is over $3,000.

• Ergocoach LS – This model of Kettler rowing machine is designed with a precisely calibrated resistance system that works in conjunction with the ability of the rower. The Ergocoach uses 25 – 400 watt electro –magnetic resistance divided into 75 levels. Since it is electro-magnetic, there is never any wear-and-tear on friction or braking components. The Ergocoach LS has a list price of $1,759.

• Coach LS – The Kettler Coach LS rowing machine is made for home training. The Coach LS can provide a complete workout and has 10 resistance settings. It uses a magnetic braking system to reduce physical wear. This rowing machine lists at $1309.99.

• Kadett – The Kettler Kadett rowing machine is a basic system that uses two industrial-strength hydraulic cylinders for resistance. The frame is sturdy and there are 12 strength settings. The on-board computer uses an earlobe clip to measure heart rate. The Kadett lists at $899.99.

• Favorit – The Kettler Favorite rowing machine is the budget model of the line. It uses hydraulic cylinders for resistance and the settings are controlled with leverage tension adjustments. The LCD display show strokes, cadence, time, distance, heart rate, and energy consumption. The Favorit lists for $569.

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