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Jack Lalanne Juicers

Drink Your Five a Day Through Juicing

Scientists say that the best way to get nutrients is from consuming a healthy diet and not through vitamin pills, but can you really take the time to find whole fruits and vegetables. A recommended daily five to nine fruits and vegetables needs to be eaten for optimal health and to get the nutrients you need. Eating that many whole fruits and vegetables can leave you feeling full and bloated, and most people do not like the flavor of most vegetables. Why not drink your nutrients instead?

Jack LaLannes juicers, once only seen on television, can now be purchased on the Internet. These juicers extract the juice from fruits and vegetables, leaving behind the skin, seeds and pulp. Unlike other appliances, Jack LaLanne’s juicer extracts 30 percent more juice, making it a more efficient means of getting the most from your fruits and vegetables.

When choosing among the many Jack LaLanne’s juicers available, consider how often you will juice and the amount of juice you make each time. Opt for a larger model such as the Power Juicer Professional or the Power Jucier Elite. Get a smaller Power Juicer Express model for the same 3,600 RPM motor as other Jack LaLanne juicers in a smaller, more compact design.

Before juicing your fruits and vegetables, wash and dry the produce as you normally would to eat it. Cut out the pits from peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and mangoes to prevent damage to your Jack LaLanne’s juicer. All models can remove smaller seeds and stems, but fruits with hard pits (also called “stone fruit”) can damage the juicer because their pits have the same hardness as stones. Avoid juicing pulpy fruits such as avocados and bananas and puree these in a blender instead. Experiment by putting your own combination of fruits and vegetables into any of the Jack LaLanne juicers. Try a mixture of spinach, carrots and apples for a sweet-tasting juice with the nutrition of whole fruits and vegetables.

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