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Laser Hair Removal Atlanta

Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

A laser is a high-energy light beam which transfers energy into the skin tissue to treat skin problems and remove hair. Laser hair removal prices will vary, therefore each consumer needs to be fully aware of all costs either beforehand by conducting their own research or within the initial consultation with their professional provider.

Laser hair removal prices usually differ by skilled professional and geographical region. Procedures are typically performed within dermatologist offices, cosmetic surgery clinics which specialize in laser skin treatments, or medspas. Over time, technological advancements have recently made it possible for anybody to be considered as a good candidate for this type of procedure. Below are individual prices for laser hair removal in the Atlanta area.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Facial Hair Removal: $250 to $650
Upper Lip: $100 to $300
Underarms: $150 to $250
Bikini (Regular): $150 to $450
Bikini (Brazilian): $250 to $500
Half Legs (both): $250 to $650
Half Arms (both): $250 to $650
Buttocks: $200 to $400
Back: $300 to $800
Chest: $150 to $450
Abdominal: $150 to $400


There are four factors that make up the cost of hair removal:

  • Time Required – Normal treatments usually take around twenty minutes. If the treatment should go over 1 hour, the price will increase. Additionally, three procedures will be priced less than six procedures to acquire permanent results.
  • Density of Hair – Cost of the treatment is higher for denser hair.
  • Body Area – Larger treated areas of the body will be more expensive.
  • Skin Tone – Darker skin tones will require more treatments than fairer skin tones, because the hair will be harder to remove.


Many laser hair removal treatments will require several procedures, therefore financing options need to be considered. Credit cards are always an option, and most places will accept them as payment. However, there are financing companies available as well that will work with you to make the procedure affordable. Care Credit and Capitol One Healthcare Finance are 2 examples of institutions that are reputable and recommended.

After the treatment has been completed, individuals should expect some swelling and redness to occur for at least a week. Topical antibiotic ointments can be utilized to help soothe the affected area(s). Individuals will need to ask their specialization expert about financing options available to them, as insurance will not cover laser hair removal prices.

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