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Types Of Anesthesia

Two types of anesthesia are commonly used during labor and birth. In general anesthesia, the mother is given drugs that put her to sleep, but this type of anesthesia is rarely used today, since the drugs can depress the fetal heart beat. In regional anesthesia, drugs are injected to deaden sensation around the spinal nerves that carry sensations from the pelvic region. Controversy about whether these drugs affect the fetus is ongoing, although some kinds of regional anesthesia affect the fetus less than others.



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Amniotic fluid

—The fluid in which the fetus "floats" in the uterus.

Amniotic sac

—The sac that contains the amniotic fluid.


—The period of carrying developing offspring in the uterus after conception; pregnancy.


—The strong, rhythmic contractions of the uterus leading to birth.


—The organ that develops during gestation through which a fetus receives nourishment from the mother.


—A substance released by uterine cells that cause contraction of the uterus.

Umbilical cord

—The cord that attaches the fetus to the placenta.

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