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Bonding Metals

Epoxy resin adhesives perform well in the structural bonding of metal parts to each other. Nonstructural adhesives such as polysulfides, neoprene, or rubber-based adhesives are also available for bonding metal foils. Ethylene cellulose cements are used for filling recesses in metal surfaces.

When bonding metals to non-metals, the choices of adhesives are more extensive. In the case of structural bonding, for example, polyester-based adhesives may be used to bond plastic laminates to metal surfaces; lowdensity epoxy adhesives may be used to adhere light plastics such as polyurethane foam to various metals; and liquid adhesives made of neoprene and synthetic resins may be used to bond metals to wood. General purpose rubber, cellulose, and vinyl adhesives may be used to nonstructurally bond metals to other materials such as glass and leather.

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