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The Great Barracuda (sphyraena Barracuda)

As its name implies, the great barracuda is most notable because of its size. Like all species of barracuda, this species has a long, silvery body and very sharp teeth. It generally appears silvery with green or gray on its back and black blotches on its belly. However, this fish can change color to match its background environment. While individuals in most species of barracuda rarely grow longer than 5.5 ft (1.7 m), some specimens of the great barracuda have been reported to reach 10 ft (3 m) long. (Usually, members of this species average about 3 ft [0.9 m] long.) An aggressive hunter, the great barracuda inhabits temperate and tropical waters all over the world, except in certain parts of the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Specifically, it is found in the west Atlantic from Brazil to New England and in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, it is one of three barracuda species found A barracuda in its reef habitat. The creature can move with great speed to slash an intended victim to ribbons with its teeth. Photograph by Gregory Ochocki/Eric Haucke. Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.

in the Caribbean. The other two species are Sphyraena guachancho and Sphyraena picudilla. These two species, much smaller and more rare, often swim in the company of jacks and are commonly named sennets.

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