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The Altimeter

An important application of the aneroid barometer is the altimeter, an instrument used to measure one's distance above sea level. Atmospheric pressure is a function of altitude. The farther one is above sea level, the less the atmospheric pressure, and the closer one is to sea level, the greater the atmospheric pressure. A simple aneroid barometer can be used to confirm these differences. If the barometer is now mounted in an airplane, a balloon, or some other device that travels up and down in the atmosphere, one's height above the ground (or above sea level) can be found by noting changes in atmospheric pressure.



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—An aneroid barometer used to measure altitude.


—An aneroid barometer modified to give a continuous reading of atmospheric pressures on graph paper.

English Kew barometer

—A mercury barometer with a contracting measuring scale and a constant reservoir of mercury.

Fortin barometer

—A mercury barometer with a fixed measuring scale and an adjustable reservoir of mercury.

Vapor pressure

—The amount of pressure exerted by liquid molecules in the vapor state.

Vernier scale

—A movable scale for measuring a fractional part of one division on a fixed scale.

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