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Violet Family (Violaceae)

Ornamental Violets

Many species of violets and pansies and their diverse hybrids are grown in gardens as ornamentals, particularly as bedding plants. Most commonly cultivated are the so-called garden pansies (Viola x wittrockiana), a hybrid complex that is largely based on the European pansy (V. tricolor). Ornamental pansies are now available in diverse floral colors, including solid and mixed hues of blue, purple, red, yellow, and white. Some pansy varieties develop quite large flowers.

The English or sweet violet (Viola odorata) is also commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant, and it sometimes escapes from cultivation to become a minor weed of North American lawns. Less commonly cultivated species include the horned violet (V. cornuta) and the alpine violet (V. labradorica).

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