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Violet Family (Violaceae)

Species Native To North America

Most species of violets native to North America are wildflowers of the spring and early summer. Blue-colored violets are relatively common, with some of the more widespread species including the wooly blue violet (Viola sororia), northern blue violet (V. septentrionalis), New England blue violet (V. novae-angliae), western blue violet (V. retusa), prairie or larkspur violet (V. pedatifida), and marsh violet (V. palustris).

Some of the more common white-colored violets include the large-leaved white violet (Viola incognita), kidney-leaved violet (V. renifolia), sweet white violet (V. blanda), and northern white violet (V. pallens). Yellow-colored violets include the hairy yellow violet (Viola pubescens), smoothish yellow violet (V. eriocarpa), and round-leaved yellow violet (V. rotundifolia).

The green violet (Hybanthus concolor) is a species found in moist forests of eastern North America.

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