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Types Of Territories

Some animals will establish a territory solely for the purpose of having a place to rest. Such a territory is known as a roost, and may be established in a different area every night. Roosts are often occupied and defended by large groups of animals, for the protection offered in numbers. Individual personal spaces within the roost may be fought over as well. Roosting spots nearer the interior of a group of animals are often the safest, and therefore the most highly prized.

Several species of birds and a few mammals are known to establish specialized territories during the breeding season, which are used only to attract mates through breeding displays. This type of territory is known as a lek, and the associated behavior is called lekking. Leks are among the most strongly defended of all territories, since holding a good lek increases the chances of attracting a mate. Leks are generally of little use for feeding or for bringing up young, and the animals will abandon its lek once it attracts a mate or mates, or if it becomes too weak to defend it.

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