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Tanagers Elsewhere

There are hundreds of species of tanagers in the American tropics. All of them are brilliantly and boldly colored, and are extremely attractive birds. Because of their habitat—usually areas with thick vegetation, their beauty is not always easily seen. One of the showiest species is the paradise tanager (Tangara chilensis) of southern South America, a brilliant bird with a crimson rump, purple throat, bright blue belly, and black back.

Tanagers are not known for their singing ability. One of the more prominent singers, however, is the blue-hooded euphonia (Euphonia musica), a wide-ranging species that occurs from Mexico to Argentina. This attractive bird has a bright yellow belly and rump, a sky blue cap, and a black throat, wings, back, and tail.

Some species of tanagers of deep, old-growth tropical forests are still being discovered. Hemispingus parodii was only discovered in a Peruvian jungle in 1974.



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