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South America

The Highlands And Plateaus

The Eastern highlands and plateaus are the oldest geological region of South America, and are believed to have bordered on the African continent at one time, before the motion of the earth's crust and continental drift separated the continents. They can be divided into three main sections. The Guiana Highlands are in the northeast, in the Guianan states, south Venezuela and northeastern Brazil. Their highest peak, Roraima, reaches a height of 9,220 ft (2,810 m). This is a moist region with many waterfalls; and it is in this range, in Venezuela, that the highest waterfall in the world is found. It is called Angel Falls, and falls freely for 2,630 ft (802 m).

The Brazilian Highlands make up more than one half of the area of Brazil, and range in altitude between 1,000-5,000 ft (305-1524 m). The highest mountain range of this region is called Serra da Mantiqueira, and its highest peak, Pico da Bandeira, is 9,396 ft (2,864 m) above sea level.

The Patagonian Highlands are in the south, in Argentina. The highest peak attains an altitude of 9,462 ft (2,884 m), and is called Sierra de Cordoba.

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