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Sleep Disorders

The Sleeping Brain—the New Frontier

Many undiscovered secrets lie hidden behind the doors of sleep and its related disorders. However, the future looks bright for sufferers of sleep disorders. Intense interest from researchers, satisfaction of an increasing number of accurately diagnosed and treated patients, advances in technology, and the recent formation of a National Institute of Health Commission on Sleep by the United States Congress, suggest that research, training, education, and recognition in this area of medicine will continue to flourish.



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Marie L. Thompson


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—Cessation of breathing.

Delta sleep

—Slow-wave, stage 4 sleep that normally occurs before the onset of REM sleep.


—Caused by something on the outside.


—Excessive daytime sleepiness.


—Disease of unknown origin.


—Inability to go to sleep or stay asleep.


—Not dependent on external circumstances.


—Interruption of sleep by abnormal physical occurrences.


—Electronic monitoring equipment measuring brain waves, eye and muscle movement, heart rate, and other physiological functions.

REM sleep

—Rapid eye movement sleep that is characterized by dreaming, active brain activity, and numerous eye movements.

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